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Sebastopol Colors
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Sebastopol Colors to compare with

I am taking pictures of our different colored Sebastopols. This is so people can compare their Sebastopols on both goslings and adults in order for those having trouble picking the color of their Sebastopol(s).
I know myself there were not many people out there that have put the colors of Sebastopol goslings and adults, so that we can look to see and compare  with what we might have. I am going to try and have pictures of both adult and goslings. This will be to help people try and figure out what their goslings are and also adults.
I might need the help of other breeders who have good clear pictures of goslings and adults. Plus hopefully give me permission to put their pictures on my website. This page will be dedicated towards helping for this purpose.
This will take awhile to build and hopefully with the help of other breeders we can make this page as helpful for everyone.

Several different colored sebastopol goslings
It is very difficult to pick what color a gosling is

Here are several different colored goslings
Do you think you know each of the colors?

The gosling in the right rear back is a solid grey.

Picking the color of goslings is not as easy as you think. Female whites have a cap on their head and a saddle on thier backs, but so do saddlebacks. White male gosling are pretty much a yellow color but some can have light grey on them as well. So we will not always be right when picking out our whites. The only way to be sure is if you have white ganders with white female. Then you know for sure they are whites unless they are hiding color in their backround.

Grey SB front, left back Grey, right back Blue
Photo by Barb Rudolph

Several weeks old Blue gosling and grey saddleback
Photo by Barb Rudolph

Front Grey and Back Blue
Photo by Barb Rudolph

2014 first gosling gatched a Buff
phto by Barb Rudolph

Grey gander split for Buff on far left
Thank you Shellie Ross for the Grey split for Buff

Here is an older back of a buff gosling
Picture from Christina Korfus

Solid Buff females
Thank you Shellie Ross for these Buff goslings

Buff female goslings
Thank you Shellie Ross for the Buff goslings

The one on the far left is a lavender curly breasted and the one in the very middle the tiny one is a lavender smooth breasted. The other two are grey splashes curly breasted.

Lavender gosling
Will be a curly breasted lavender

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