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Here are some pictures of our Sebastopols.

We have White Sebastopols, Grey , Blue, Grey Saddleback, Lavender, Buff and Splashes. Most are curly breasted but we do have several Smooth Breasted.

We have been raising Sebastopols for the past 8 years.They are a wonderful breed to have being so docile. The whites, Splashes and all saddlebacks have Blue eyes. The solid grey, blue, lavender and buff have dark eyes.



Berrie 2013
Blue smooth breasted gander

Berrie 2 09-29-12
Blue smooth gander

Berrie 3 09-29-12
Blue smooth gander

Berrie is a well balanced Blue smooth breasted gander but his neck is too long. So he needs to be with a goose with a much shorter neck than his.

Our Sebastopol's looking at the new car
Their approval of the new car coming to see it.

If interested in anything on this website please contact us and let us know. Thank you for viewing our website come back and see us again.



We ship goslings as long as your Post Office accepts them. Also we ship adults. We ask that you have a shipping box sent to us if purchasing adult Sebastopols.

Take a look at our horses we have all of them up for sale.


We would like to welcome to our flock three new Sebastopols.

A White smooth breasted. Breeder Kim Kelly Thank You Kim.

Dillan (splash curly) Nesie (smooth white)
Thank you Kim Kelly

Splash curly breasted Breeder Kim Kelly. Thank You Kim.

Dillan (Sire: Blue Splash) Dam: (Grey Saddleback)
Nesie (Sire: White curly) Dam: (Buff Smooth)

Dillan, Nutmeg, Indie, Berrie
Having first walk with other sebastopols here

Nutmeg and Nesie
First walk through our property

We welcome our New White Goose. Thank You Vicky Thompson for such a Beautiful White Curly Breasted Female.

White (Sire: Moscato curly) (dam: Trinity Curly)
Photo By Vicky Thompson Thank you Vicky

White Sebastopol bred by Vicky Thompson
Photo by Vicky Thompson

I would like to thank Celtic Oaks Farm for the beautiful goslings we got from her.
A grey gander split for Buff and 2 female Buffs.

Celtic Oaks Farm goslings
Thank you Shellie Ross for the goslings pictures taken by Barb Rudolph

Celtic Oaks Farm goslings
Thank you Shellie Ross pictures by Barb Rudolph

These are the three goslings growing up. All are curly breasted.

Celtic Oaks Farm Buff Goose
Thank you Shellie Ross picture by Barb Rdolph

Celtis Oaks Farm Buff female
Thank you Shellie Ross picture by Barb Rudolph

Celtic Oaks Farm Grey Gander split for Buff middle
Thank you Shllie Ross picture by Barb Rudolph

Butternut and Toffee Buff curly breasted
Thank you Shellie Ross photo by Barb Rudolph

Justice sire of Butternut and Toffee
Pictue by Celtic Oaks Farm Sheellie Ross

Butternut and Toffee Buff females
Thank you Cettic Oaks Farm photo by Barb Rudolph

This is JJ our new Grey gander split for Buff
Thank you Celtic Oaks Farm photo by Barb Rudolph

Front McGraw grey curly sire of our JJ
Photo by Celtic Oaks Farm Shellie Ross

Creme Brulee Curly Buff dam of JJ our grey gander
Photo by Celtic Oaks Farm Shellie Ross