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R & B RURU Ranch and Waterfowl

Barb Rudolph

315 Southwood Court

Please feel free to contact us about the Horses for Sale and the goslings or adults Sebastopols.

Here we have some gosling I purchased last year 2011 from Dorothy Thomas.


Kinda making sure the goslings are ok.
You can see we make sure the goslings get plenty of exposure

Last picture of the four goslings
they sure are cuties

Goslings we bought from Priscilla at Woolfarm 2012

Four goslings from woolfarm
Hope we have some Buffs in these goslings

Another picture of the four goslings
Looks like there might be two Buffs

The 3 goslings in the top pictures are a grey curly breasted gander Britt, blue smooth breasted gander Berrie and a grey saddleback grey curly breasted gander Brandie.

In the woolfarm goslings there are hopefully two Buffs goslings and two saddleback goslings. Not sure of the colors on any of them yet.

We do not know the colors, sexes or feather type yet. Will know soon so will update then. Also have to name them when we know the colors and sex.