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On this page I'll describe our Sebastopols. None of the Sebastopols shown on this page are for sale.
I will put in an area of Adults or goslings for sale in this area below our pictures of our sebastopols.

This is a beautiful Solid Grey curly breast goose
Gloria Grey Curly Breasted goose

Our first Grey gander.

Our first Grey gander
Grant our first Grey gander

Spicie Grey Splash gander
This gander is out of Grant (grey)

Here is Nikki our first Lavender curly breasted gander. We had purchased him along with a female Lavender goose. We lost the goose this year.

Two White curly breasted geese
Samantha and Sassafras our first Sebastopols

Samantha was our first Sebastopol Goose and her daughter Sassafras was one of our first goslings.
Sammie was our first White gander.

Our first White gander in back of the photo
Sammie was our first White gander

This is Hollie our first lavender goose. We lost her this year in the laying season.

Our first Lavender gander
Nikki our fisrt Lavender gander

Lance our first smooth breasted Grey Saddleback gander.

Grey Saddleback smooth breasted gander
Lance our first smooth breasted gander

Lance is our first Grey Saddleback smooth breasted gander. He is a very well balanced gander.

Our first Lavender goose, she died this year
This is Hollie our first goose, she died this year

This is a picture taken right after the arrival of these four curly breasted Sebastopols. Nikki lavender gander, Hollie lavender goose (deceased) Hanna grey saddleback goose and Cinnamon buff saddleback (deceased).

Cinnamon, Hollie, Nikki and Hanna
Nikki and Hanna are still living

Other photo's will be added as I take them of the up coming goslings which I hope we have some Buffs.

Sebastopols SOLD

Grey Splash Gander
(SOLD) to Vicky Thompson (Cottage Rose)