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R & B RURU Ranch and Waterfowl

I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.

Here is Starbuck he is also for sale. Grey Pinto with blue eyes. He is 32" tall. Has a wonderful background in show mini's. His son Star Blaze is also for sale. He is a chestnut pinto with a bald face blue eyes, 4 white socks, flaxen mane and tail. 33 to 34" tall.

 Any questions on the email us.

Starbuck and his son Star Blaze 07-05-2014
These mini horses are both for sale.

Starbuck and his son Starblaze
Starbuck grey pinto his son Chestnut bald face pinto

Mini horses

Here I'll add information about another of my pets. Again, I'll talk about how I first got her and then describe some of her habits.

Lady and her son Blaze. Blaze has one blue eye
Both these mini horses are for sale.

Red Silver mini mare 6 years old
Lady our Red Silver mini mare. 31" tall

Starbuck our stallion is for sale 32
Starbuck is a mini horse gray paint with blue eyes.

Starblaze Chestnut Pinto Baldfaced
Starblaze and Starbuck his sire give him a nip

Starblaze at the back folling Starbuck
Starblaze would make a great cart mini