FOR SALE goslings or adults Sebastopols

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FOR SALE goslings or adults Sebastopols
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Sebastopols goslings or adults FOR SALE
Please read before ever ordering.
When ordering goslings or adult geese from us make sure your Post Office accepts live birds!
We only breed Sebastopols so your geese will be full pure bred Sebastopols............
Goslings (white) $60. each
Goslings (colored) $65. each
Young adults Pet or utility quality $75 - $100. each
Breeding Adults $100. - $300. each
Sorry I do not sex goslings.
With anything breeding it depends on mother nature the amount of hatching goslings you get. Each year will be different on the amount of hatching gosling we get.
2013, I will not be taking orders until after we have goslings. We will put you on a waiting list when it is 2013 not before. I will NOT take deposits before goslings hatch but will contact each person on the list after the goslings have hatched for shipping and available numbers per  buyer.
Shipping Express Mail
The geese will be shipped out on either Mondays or Tuesdays NO later in the week. They will be shipped Express Mail ONLY
When shipping they can only be sent if under 75 degrees or no lower that 45 degrees.
Required amout of goslings to order.
3 goslings if warmer weather
4 goslings in cooler weather to keep each other warmer.
If wanting only one gosling the gosling will have to be a teenager before I ship only one...
I will only ship goslings or adults in great healthy condition.
Purchaser to pay for Express Mail
Shipping cost depends on different zip codes. Each zip code have a different price for Express Mail.
Purchaser to pay for the shipping box sent here to us for shipment of the geese.
On goslings if they need a heat pad purchaser pays for the heat pad $2.00
Omni box for one adult.
Dimensions are 24" x18" x 18"
Weight of Omni Box 5 lbs.
Swan box for several adults.
Dimensions are 32" x 16" x16"
Weight  of Swan Box 8 lbs
All geese are to be paid for in full with shipping cost as well.
If paying by Postal Money Orders will wait until confirmed payment is clear at the bank.
We take Paypal
If you send payment via paypal echecks I will not ship until the echeck have cleared.
The form of payment by paypal echecks I do not suggest for goslings..........
Also when using paypal for payment please ad %4 to the total price to cover the paypal charges.
I do not replace dead goslings due to the Postal Handling because you never know just how they will be handled on their trip to you.
Nor do I give refunds. I also do not take back any gosling or adult geese once they have been shipped. Sorry.
PostOffice regulations:



9.3.4 Adult Fowl

Disease-free adult fowl may be mailed domestically when shipped under applicable law in accordance with 1.7. Adult chickens, turkeys, guinea fowl, doves, pigeons, pheasants, partridges, and quail as well as ducks, geese, and swans are mailable as follows:

a. The mailer must send adult fowl by Express Mail in secure containers approved by the manager, Product Classification (see 608.8.0 for address).

b. The number of birds per parcel must follow the container manufacturer limits and each bird must weigh more than 6 ounces.

c. A mailing container must be used that is constructed by a USPS-approved manufacturer listed on the RIBBS website at

d. Indemnity may be paid only for articles that are lost, damaged, or missing contents, and not for death of the birds in transit if there is no visible damage to the mailing container.

e. Postage refunds may not be available if the Express Mail shipment was delivered or delivery was attempted within three days of the date of mailing as shown in the �Date In� box on Label 11.


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