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R & B RURU Ranch And Waterfowl
Welcome to my web site!
We raise Only Sebastopol Geese.

Hi I hope you enjoy yourself here on our web site. You will see all the beautiful Sebastopols we have. In the Spring we will have goslings for sale. Sometimes we will have adults up for sale also young adults.

You can send emails to us asking about our Sebastopols. I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the Sebastopol Geese.

Sebastopols are a very personable geese when you raise them from goslings with you. I try my best to make sure our goslings have great people love.


I hope to update this page often with new photos.

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Samantha and Sassafrass Photo By Barb Rudolph
Samantha mother and daughter Sassafras

Gloria (Solid Grey) Sebastopol
Photo by Barb Rudolph

Spicie son of Samantha (white) and Grant (Grey)
Photo By Barb Rudolph

Happy Valentines Day

What's New?

I will be adding update on our pictures and the sales page when we sell Sebastopols or Horses.

Ginger curly breaster Saddleback
Picture by Barb Rudolph

Pictured below.
I would like to make a tribute to our beautiful White Gander Sammie!! He was my very first Sebastopol. We have recently lost our Sammie after 8 years together. I will miss our Sammie so very much. When he died he took a part of my heart with him.
I LOVE you Sammie!!
I lost all of my pictures of our geese when the computer fried and then a second one fried as well so lost all my other picture of my Sammie! This is the only picture saved of Sammie.

Sammie in the back and Gloria up front
Our first White gander our foundation white