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 2 peafowl chicks born on 08-19-08

Sleepy time peachicks

Sleepy time opal left, cameo black shoulder right and middle silver pied peachicks.

Left Cameo Black Shoulder peachick (BB), middle front opal (Baby) and far right silver pied peachick (Boobo0).

Dewy the blue on the right, Cloudy and Snowy Whites to the left

Back the two Whites Snowy and Cloudy front Dewy the Blue

Color Midnight Black shoulder below  (Smokey)

Color  Cameo to left and Midnight to the right  (Cashmier - Cameo color)
(Smokey - Midnight Black Shoulder color)

Midnight Black Shoulder color  and Cameo the light tan

Blue  peacock  Dewy my brat!

Cameo Black Shoulder

Here is what we do with Peacock feather's