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 our dogs Kira & Kindra

A tribute to our Great Dane Kira..............

This was our Great Dane at 11 years old. We just lost her July 11, 2006 she was 11 years and 3 months old. She was such a part of our hearts it felt like we lost a child again. Now she is in heaven with our son Kurtis.
Born April 8th 1995 died July 11, 2006.
Kira will be in our hearts until we meet again in another life.

Here below is Kira at 9 years and 7 months old.

The picture below is of Kira at 11 years old.

Kindra put the ball in front of the door and is waiting for kitty paws to come through

Still waiting

Kindra love the pussy cat

Kindra saying huh! did you call me

What, No I am not on the leather couch
but you can see she has the TV turner a blanket and pillow behind her!

Ron and Kindra dosing on the couch