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RURU's Bojangles and his sister Pandora

We have begun a new look in our Oriental Shorthair, Colorpoint Shorthair and Siamese. We have(Orientals) Tabbies, Solids, Reds, Torties, Bicolors and Bicolor Pointed. Also Oriental Shorthair Siamese Pointed. (Colorpoint Shorthair) Reds, Creams, Torties, Lynx. (Siamese) Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac. We have bred our (Bicolor van female) RURU's Sparkle to Okonor Orgona of RURU (Lavender Spotted Tabby) Due if she took March 19-22, 2004. At this time we have one kitten a Red Point male. Born 08-30-03 The picture below is of RURU's Bojangles. He is our new kitten we are showing. Sire: Okonor Orgona of RURU (Lavender Spotted Tabby) Dam: Sydsu China White of RURU (Blue-Eyed White) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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